Todd Boman first was introduced to yoga concepts in a world religion class at his local community college in the early 90’s.

The one book that resonated with him most was the teaching of the Bhagavad Gita. During that semester he started to connect the dots on his own spiritual path.

It wasn’t till a decade later he took his first yoga class.

Starting in Sivananda lineage, Todd was drawn to authentic and traditional practice from India.
Shortly after he discovered Ashtanga yoga and started a daily practice.

In the fall of 2004 he left his job in the fashion world and went on his first 6 month trip to India.

Meeting Sharath R. Jois in Mysore was a life changing experience.

There he found solace on how the practice was taught with simplicity and devotion. Having spent over 3.5 years in Mysore with his guru, Todd has grounded and established himself firmly as a yoga practitioner and Mysore teacher. Ashtanga yoga has been an informative tool in his own addiction recovery, self acceptance, and finding true joy in his daily life.

Todd continues to connect the dots on his own spiritual progress and truth.

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